Funny Status

Never underestimate
the power of 3 things:

1. Wife angry for a reason.

2. Wife angry without reason.

3. Wife about to get Angry
and looking for a reason!

Height of Coolness:
Finishing the Paper
Coming out of the exam hall
Having a Cold Drink
And asking a friend:
Dude, Which paper was it? :D

I hate mosquitoes,
I mean I know I'm delicious
but damn..... :( :(
I know that female mosquitoes suck human blood...
All female are same...

With Just A Single Kiss On Lips for 30 Sec.
She Got Pragnant.....!!!
Who is She?
BALOON. :P :D :)

Who said Land-Line phones are out of fashion?

Simply buy an #iPhone
All day long, it has to be plugged to a charger.
By God, it really gives you the
feeling of being a 'Land-Line' phone!!! :P

Aim in Life should be: 654321

6-Six digit salary
5-Five working days
4-Four wheeler car
3-Three room flat
2-Two cute children
1-One sweetheart :P :D

When I #Whatsapp and you read,
We both think of each other.
Do you know What that means?
It means...
Tusin vi #Vehle te Asin vi Vehle!!! :D :P

The Changing Times:

Before 1970: Sunny means Good Weather

1970 - 1985: Sunny means #Gavaskar

1985 - 2010: Sunny means #Deol

2010 - 2025: #Sunny means Sunny Leone :D :P

By all means, marry.
If you get a good wife,
you'll become happy.

If you get a bad one,
you'll become a philosopher. :D

The most beautiful feeling in the world?
When you try 2 look at your Friend
and you find that your Friend
is already looking at you...
Location: Examination Hall... :P :v

What is similarity between
Very Simple..
Aap dono ki taraf ghoor kar nahi dekh sakte.

When I drink Alcohol

everyOne says I'm Alcoholic…
When i drink #Fanta..
no one says I'm Fantastic..!!! :P

What is the difference between
6 Boys Love 1 Girl
1 Boy Loves 6 Girls = TALENT
6 Girls Loves 1 Boy = KISMAT

Smoking effects #LIPS
Drinking effects #LIVER
Love effects #HEART
The most danger 1 is #STUDY
It effects the #BRAIN,
Direct Komma
Avoid it & Enjoy ;) :P

My day is incomplete
without a cup of tea.
But a cup of tea cannot complete my day.
I still have lot more to eat and drink :D