Miss You Status

When I'm bored I just count the stars at night
to just know how much being missed
When the rain is raining I count the drops falling on me
is that #more_drops_I_miss_u_much
Always be reminded u'll always be in ma heart

This mSg iz from hum -2 tum
That Hum is missing Tum very much
And without Tum Hum iz very Lonely
So Tum never go far from .......
Hum otherwise Hum will Miss Tum A lot ...

Can u fill it,
permission denied,
don't try again,
nobody is authorised for this,
Who are they cant
Missing u a lot mostly when hurted !!!

Whenever I Get Online.
I Open Up Ur Profile.
Continuously Keep Staring At Ur Pics.
Though Ur Not there In My Life..
But Always Be In My Mind,
Heart And Wishes.
Being The Only One I Always Miss....

I miss you when i am sad,
Cause you always made me Smile..

I miss you when i am Happy,
Cause we always shared our Joys..

I miss you when i am angry ..
cause you always calmed me down.

I miss you all the time ..
cause u are still my everything..!!!

Your eyes looked like the ocean and
your spirit felt like the sun.
I'll never forget my time with you,
my love never forget u my Love

In the morning, I missed breakfast
While going to office, I missed the bus
In the office, I missed the Deadline
While at home, I missed my Favourite TV show
This is What happens when I Miss you !!!

There are 60 Minutes in every Hours
I will Die Every Hour without you
There are 60 Sec. In Every Minute ...
I will Die Every Minute Without you ..
There are 365 Days In Every Year ...
I will Die Every Year ..Without .you
My Dear without You .. :-(

Separation is a Wound
that no one can Heal but,
Remembrance is a gift that no one can steal,
Miles away a Heart Remembers You.

When you’re thinking

that I’m thinking of you,

I’m thinking

you’re thinking of me…

You must be a good runner
because you are always
running in my mind.
Miss you, my sweety pie . . . .*

I gonna write "I MISS U" on all the bricks
and I really wish that one of them falls on your head
so that you may know how it hurts
When you miss someone special like you!.....

I may not be the most
important person in your life
but i just hope that
one day when U hear my name
U would just smile & say
I miss this person...!!!

Phones without signal,
Facebook without friends,
YouTube without music.
These are all strange,
but none of them are as weird
ME without U !

Man has Invented so many amazing things….

But Still No One in this world is able to Invent
A medicine for the pain of Missing Someone…