Inspirational Status

In life, if you want to achieve something
or conquer any thing then firstly you have capable of chill mind
and don't tempting peoples.
If you agree with these lines then deem and consequently
you are the strong person in the world

Expecting & Accepting are two sides of LIFE
Where expecting ends in tears,
while accepting makes you cheer...
Accept #LIFE the way it comes...!!!

Don't take life too seriously.
Always find time to smile.
Smile may not add years to your Life,,,
But add more Life to your years!

The good thing about listening to a new song
is that it doesn't remind you of anyone. :')
Nobody can take away your pain,
so don't let anyone take away your happiness
Say it’s true. There’s nothing like me and you ♥

When God Blesses You Financially,
Don't Raise Your Standard Of Living.
Raise Your Standard Of Giving.
Be Happy ~ Keep Smiling :-)

Prayer is a 24 hour open line to God.
No handset required,
No SIM Card problem,
No network or signal error,
No battery or charging issues,
And above all, no billing,
So make #PRAYER a habit like Texting!!!

If people criticize you,
hurt you or shout at you.
Don't be bothered of it.
Just remember the words
"In the game it is the work of the audience
to make the noise, not of PLAYERS"

There are some people who make their followers or supporters.
They may not be considered as True Leaders.
They are the False Leaders.

True Leaders are those who make another leaders
instead of making followers or supporters...

Before you talk, Listen.
Before you react, Think.
Before you criticize, Wait.
Before you pray, Forgive.
Before you quit, Try... :-)

EveryOne will not get every thing
This is the rule of Life
So Dont try to get Which is not urs
Dont Dare to loose which is Urs !!

Life is the hardest school,
as u never know
what level of Class you are in,
what exam u will have next & u
cant Cheat bcoz
nobody else will have the same question !!!

Hard work is like a cup of milk
luck is just like a spoon of sugar
God always give sugar to
those who have cup of milk ♫ æ !

The best feeling in the world is
realizing that you're perfectly happy
without the thing
you thought you needed (: (:

"I can choose either to be a victim
of the world or an adventure
r in search of treasure.
It's all a question of
how I view my Life."

Bad Memories Might Make You Sad,
But Good Memories Also Do The Same Thing.
Coz In Your Heart You Know.
That Those Moments Won't Come Back In Life.