Jokes Status

Manager: What is Your Qualification..?
Santa: Sir I Am PHSD.

Manager: What Do U Mean By PHSD..?
Santa: Passed Hight School With Difficulty..!

Santa proposed a Girl ;
Girl said: I am 1 year elder to U.
Santa said : Oye no problem soniye
I'll marry u next year... :D :P

Interviewer: What is your date of birth?
Santa: Nov 27

Interviewer: Which year?
Santa: abhey ! Every Year. :D

Lady 1: I suppose you carry a memento of some sort in that locket of yours?
Lady 2: Yes, it is a lock of my husband's hair.

Lady 1: But your husband is still alive?
Lady 2: Yes, but his hair are gone!!! :P

Tarot Cards Reader: You wish to know
about your future husband?

Lady: No. I simply wish to know
about the past of my present husband for future use!

Lawyer: Why do you want to divorce
such a beautiful and lovely Wife?
Husband: Look at my Shoe, it is also beautiful
but only the wearer knows how much it pinches!

Teacher to half-asleep #Pappu in class,
"Who invented Steam Engine?"
Pappu: What Sir?

Teacher: Very good. It's correct.
James Watt, it is.
Moral: Sleeping improves your General Knowledge :D

Teacher: Define #Electricity?
Pappu: Electricity is the daughter of #Punjab Govt.
and has an extremely loose character.
She goes and comes anytime,
anywhere without informing anyone,
and quite occasionally even at midnight!!! :P

Husband and Wife both die in a car crash.

Husband becomes bhoot.
Wife becomes Dayan.

They both meet after some time.
Husband tells wife: See I have become a #Bhoot after death,
But strangely you are Still the same... :D

B.Com Student Hugs a Girl. .

GIRL : What is Dis ?? .
BOY : Direct Marketing
GIRL : Slaps a boy. . .
BOY : What Is dis ?? .
GIRL : Customer's FEEDBACK :P :D :D

3 Boys proposing a Girl..

1st boy- I Can die for you.
Girl- Every one says like this.

2nd boy- I Can get stars for you.
Girl- Pretty old dialog.

3rd boy- I can delete My Facebook ACCOUNT.
Girl in Tears, I'll Marry U... :D

Santa reading a #Newspaper:

#Indian Athlete lost gold medal in long jump!
Santa says: Idiot who told him
to wear a gold medal while jumping? :D :P

Santa while taking a head-bath was applying #shampoo even on his shoulders.

Jeeto: Why are you applying #shampoo on shoulders?

Santa: This shampoo is special.
It is clearly written on it
"Head and Shoulders" :D

I was In A 'Taxi'
When The Taxi Driver Said:

"I Love This Job..!
I Am My Own Boss
& No Body Tells Me What To Do..!"

Then I Replied: "Aage Sey Left Le" :D :P

Teacher :- What are the people of Turkey called?
Student :- I don't know.

Teacher :- They are called Turks.
now What are the people of Germany called?
Student :- They are called Germs.
Teacher Shocked! Student Rocked! :D