Love Status

Har haa ikraar nai hota
Har naa inkaar nai hota
Yeh to Dil milne ki baat hai
Kabhi-Kabhi to saat phero mein bhi Pyar nai hota

Immature love says:
"I Love you
because I need you".
Mature love says:
"I need you
because I Love you".

It takes a second
to have crush upon someone
A minute to fall in Love,
But it takes lifetime to prove it

When a Girl take care of a boy.
Boy thinks it's Love But it's Friendship.
When a boy take care of a Girl.
Girl thinks it's Friendship. But it's Love...

Love doesn't mean to win someone..
It means to lose yourself for someone
It is not done by the excellence of mind
But It is done by the purity of #Heart..!!

The Ones who Really LOVES you,
will never LEAVE you
Because even ,If there are 100's of reasons to 'Give up'
He will find one reason to 'Hold ON'

LOVE is not about how much u say
bt how much u prove that it's true...

She said Why U Love me ?
It's difficult to tell her
I saw a couple in dream
that r we...
And I saw my lord & god in her

Love is when you
find someone who didn't meet
any of your standards.
And yet you still say,
Finally I've found the right one.

Strange but true....
When a girl takes care of a boy
Boy thinks it's Love
but it's Friendship.
When a boy takes care of a girl
Girl thinks it's Friendship
But it's LOVE..

Anyone can make you happy ,
by doing something special...
But only someone special,
can make u happy ,
Without doing anything..

A Guy who truly Loves His Girl
doesn't need to unbutton her shirt
to get a better view of her heart @@

Boy: I can fit my whole world in my arms..
Girl: haha.. U can't..
Boy: I can..
Girl: How??
Boy: becoz i can fit "YOU"
in my arms and you are my world @

Without respect ,
Love is lost
without caring ,
Love is boring ,
without honesty ,
Love is Unhappy ,
without trust ,
Love is unstable

With every Promise With every Kiss
With every Memory With every Touch
With every Smile With every Wish
With every Minute With every Hour
With every Passing _Day With every Heartbeat
With every Dream With every Prayer
With every Though I Love You