Relationship Status

Our worst behaviour is always reserved
for the person we Love the most,,,
Because somehow, that person will
always accept us as we are !!!

Relationships are like glass
Sometimes it's better to leave
them broken than try to hurt
yourself putting it back together.

Silence between two unknown
people creates the relation
Silence between two known
people breaks relation...

There are people who enter your Life
like a storm and destroy everything you have.
Then there are some people
who help you rebuild yourself.....

Everyone Shows More
"Love and Care"
In The Beginning,
Of Any Relationship
But No One Maintains
It Till The Last !!

Never play with feeling of others,
because you may
win the game but you will
surely lose the person forever

I am not a perfect person.
I make a lot of mistakes.
But I really appreciate those people
Who stay with me after knowing how I really am!!!

#Relationship is not just a word,
It's perfect match between two Souls
It's a silent commitment, Which says,
I will be with You #Forever __

Being In a Relationship
is not about
Kissing, Dating or Showing off
It's all about
Being with the person
Who makes you Happy
without any Efforts

When Someone Loves you,
You never Realize it,
When you Realize it ,
It's Too Late...
You Always Love The One,
Who Leaves You ,
Leave The One,
Who Loves You !!

The best kind of relationship
in the world is the one
in which a #SORRY and a #SMILE
can make everything back to normal again....!!!

The best relationship is
when you two can act like Lovers & best friends
& you can act yourself
& they can still love you for who you are !

Don't Need Someone
Who "Sees Only Good Things In Me"
But I Need Someone
Who "Knows All The Bad Things In Me
N Still Wanna Spend Her Life With Me !! :*

Relationships last long for not
because they were destined to last...
But because two brave people
made a choice to keep it,
Fight for it and to work for it..

Girl : What can you do for me?
Boy : i would die for you...
Girl : I don't like you, I hate u...
Boy : Why?

Girl: Cause I m looking for Someone ,
Who would Live for me...
Not Someone who would just die,
and leave me alone.....