Insult Status

Boy: What's your age?
Girl: We don't reveal our age to boys. ^_^

Boy: What's your email address?
Girl: [email protected] :D :P

#Woman has Man in it;

#Mrs has Mr in it;

#Female has Male in it;

#Madam has Adam in it.

So #Girls are always
incomplete without #Boys!!! Rite ?

He: What is your name?
She: My name is Asha nd urs?

He: My name is Galaxy Grand
She: *Blocked* :D :P

Boy: When U Smile, I want UR #Lips.
When U Cry, I want UR #Tears.
When U Sleep, I want UR #Dreams.
Girl: I`m in the Toilet,
U want my Shit too??? o_O :P

Dear Girls,
if you are annoyed by
too many friend request from boys..
Just set your original pic as profile pic.
if it doesnt work :-
wash your face, take a pic and try again.

Facebook Team

A Girl updated her #Status:
"2 day is ma result,, i um vary mucah hape.."
I Commented: I can tell your #English result right now..! xD :P

#BoyFriend: pack UR bag #Sweetheart
I've won Rs.10 crores in a #Lottery
GF: Wow!
Now #London ya #Switzerland?
BF: Who Cares?
U just pack UR bag
& GET LOST... xD :P

Call Sumary Analysis:
Boy to Boy=00:00:59
Boy to Mom=00:10:30
Boy to Dad=00:02:36
Boy to Girl=01:15:01
Girl to Girl=00:29:59
Girl to boy=00:00:05... .;-)) :p

If I was An ‪#‎Artist‬,
You Would Be My Picture!
If I was A ‪#‎Poet‬,
You Would Be My Inspiration! :)
If I was An ‪#‎Author‬
You Would Be My Story!
But I'm Only A Cartoonist! ;) lol xD :P

Boy: I heard U Failed in English?
Girl: Who TELLED you.?
It is unpossible... o_O
I sawed d result yesterday...
I Passed Away..... :D :P (y)

A Bird was disturbing a girl all the time.
Finally she caught it
& decided to kill it cruelly.
She took it to the top of a building
& dropped it.... :/

"After all Girls are so intelligent" ^_^
Hahaha Boys Like (y) to Banta hai

Boy : From The Day We Met
I dont Drink Or Smoke ...
Girl : How Sweet of You :)
Are You madly In ‪#‎Love‬ With Me?
Boy : SHUT UP!

Husband: I found #Aladin's lamp today.
Wife: Wow, What did u ask for darling??
Husband: I asked him to increase your brain ten times..
Wife: oh..jaan.. Luv U so much.. Did he do that??
Husband: He laughed and said
multiplication doesn't apply on Zero(0) .... haha :D :P (y)

#Attitude of Girls:
When a boy sends dirty 'SMS';
She laughs for 10 minutes;
Forwards that to her friends;
And then replies the boy.
Mind it, I don't like that kind of 'SMS'!!! :P :v

Scientific Question For You..
How Does Blood Reach UR Brain?
Direction Of Liquid Is Always
Towards The Empty Space. :D :P